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E-bike tours in Savognin

Over 350 km of bike tours open up the whole beauty of Surses to solo bikers and families. From the crispy ascent over varied paths to the single trail descent in front of great mountain scenery. Get inspired for a bike or e-bike tour in the vacation region Savognin Bivio Albula. Our diverse tours offer a highlight for all ages and skill levels!


Our top 5 hikes

In the vacation region Savognin Bivio Albula you hike over 400 km of hiking trail network. With such a variety of hiking trails, it can be difficult to choose which one to hike. Whether spring, summer or autumn, these are popular tours in the vacation region Savognin Bivio Albula, in the heart of Grisons.


Alp Flix - mire landscape of national importance

This tour leads from Bivio over the alp Flix to Savognin. The highlight of the hike is Alp Flix, which lies at 2,000 meters above sea level and is known as the treasure island of biodiversity.


Lunghin - Triple watershed

This hike takes you from Bivio over the Lunghin Pass to Maloja. The Lunghin Pass is home to the only triple watershed in Europe. There, a raindrop can find its way into three oceans. A uniqueness that you must not miss.


Tigignas - Savognin

An easy tour! Start in Tigignas, which you can reach comfortably with the 10-seater gondola from Savognin. From there you continue via the village of Riom to the river Julia and the bathing lake Lai Barnagn in Savognin.


Wasserweg ansaina

Along the Albula, the Landwasser and the Schaftobelbach and on the way to the famous Alvaneuer springs you will find places to linger, to observe and to marvel. At 11 posts, water can be experienced sensually in its many facets.


Bivio - Septimerpass - Casaccia

In the footsteps of the Romans: The Septimer Pass was considered one of the most important Alpine crossings in Roman times. Emperors, kings and merchants, they all crossed the Alps via the Septimer route. One of the most beautiful stages on the famous Via Sett, from Chur to Chiavenna.

Savognin in Winter

Savognin in winter


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